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Project Description
LINQ for javascript is a lightweight javascript library for simple LINQ quries on javascript objects.
It is light weight and easy to use and no dependency on other libraries.

Lightweight and easy to use.
Provides frequently used functionalities in any program
Enables quries on objects for javascript arrays.
Blazingly fast.
For loops can be avoided using this library for filtering, transforming, check exists etc.
It has no dependency with any other javascript library. It is independent and can be included in any of your javascript programs

Sample usage
var cars = [ {'name': 'Camry', 'mpg': 20, 'color': 'red' }, {'name': 'Accord', 'mpg': 30, 'color': 'blue' }, {'name': 'Q7', 'mpg': 16, 'color': 'red' }, {'name': 'Passat', 'mpg': 15, 'color': 'black' }, {'name': 'CRV', 'mpg': 17, 'color': 'red' }, {'name': 'Mini', 'mpg': 24, 'color': 'red' }, {'name': 'Mustang', 'mpg': 16, 'color': 'white' }, {'name': 'Camaro', 'mpg': 15, 'color': 'red' }, {'name': 'Avalon', 'mpg': 24, 'color': 'red' } ];

ToEnumerable(cars).Where(function(x){ return x.mpg >= 20;}).ToList();



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